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Hi - my name is Tracey and my little business is called Myrtle Ocean.

I have been drawing since I was very small, and I love to create colourful and quirky designs. 

I have tried pretty much every art and craft known to man over the years, but have always come back to basic drawing and painting. 

My world changed when I was introduced to Glass fusing, which I absolutely love. Glass is a tricky material to work with and has certainly given me some challenges. It seems that every time something goes into the kiln, it has done something unexpected by the time it comes out - sometimes good and sometimes a little frustrating! 

At the moment, I am absolutely in love with producing my artwork digitally. All my designs are all still drawn and coloured by hand, but working digitally has really opened up the possibilities of what I can produce. I have always loved cartoon artwork (I am a huge Disney fanatic), and working digitally enables me to create colourful artwork that has beautifully even colours and adapts really well to printing on various products. 


I love to create and I hope that this shows through in my work. 

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