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Adventures in Sticker-land!

Stickers were always my thing when I was growing up. I had hundreds of them. I used to buy one set to stick on things, and then another set to keep. There used to be a shop on my local High Street that used to sell really cool stickers on a roll that you could buy separately. I think it was called Character Cards or something similar, but alas it is long gone.

I guess I grew out of my sticker collecting phase as I got older, but I think I'll always have a deep down love for them. I have noticed more and more lately that stickers seem to be making a comeback. You can buy endless amounts of them online and people are now able to buy supplies to make their own. All you really need is a printer and some sticker paper and off you go.

As an artist, this has obviously caught my attention of late and I have seen lots of other artists creating their own stickers and stationery. Never one to miss an opportunity, I decided to invest in a Cricut cutting machine with my recent birthday money. You basically print out your stickers and then the machine cleverly cuts them out for you. You can buy endless different types of paper to print onto and this is all very exciting. The ones I have created below are on vinyl, which gives them a cool gloss finish.

Still having some teeny weeny teething problems with the machine actually doing what I want it to do, but having fun experimenting (and also some very stressful moments!).

I will hopefully be adding some perfected stickers to my shop very soon and I have loads of design ideas.

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