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Spooky Season

Well, where has this year gone to already. Time flies. Can't believe that we are in September already and October isn't too far away. That only means one thing - it's coming up to spooky season!

I was never a fan of Halloween until I visited the United States. They really go into all the decorating and dressing up for a party. When I was younger, Halloween in the UK consisted of a bit of apple bobbing and kids knocking on the door asking for sweets or they would chuck eggs at your house!

I am guessing that might still happen at times, but generally we are embracing the season more. I do love to see all the pumpkin carving and decorations that appear in the shops. Not that keen on spiders, but the cute ones are ok.

I made a few fused glass Halloween decorations last year and they all sold out. I have introduced a few new characters for 2021 and they will be appearing in my Etsy shop very soon. I am really pleased with them and I hope you will love them too!

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