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Things that go wrong!

Fusing Glass can be a frustrating pastime. You can spend hours cutting glass and decorating it, only to find that once it comes out of the kiln that it's not quite what you expected. Sometimes the kiln fairies have a little fun while the glass is fusing which can be a little annoying.

I have had bits come off of one piece and attach themselves to something else on a few occasions. Also unwanted bubbles can sometimes appear where you don't want them. The little bubbles that are all part of fused glass are called 'champagne bubbles' and are all part of the charm of the glass. Bigger bubbles however can be a little bit problematic and can completely spoil a piece.

Every fused glass artist will have pieces that go wrong. So what do we do with them?

If a problem is quite small, then quite often this can be fixed with a bit of rubbing down and re-firing the piece. I also sometimes sell pieces as 'seconds'. This is when I decide that the piece is still good enough to sell, and also gives people the chance to bag a bargain. I am quite fussy when it comes to quality control, so sometimes you may not even notice the fault!

When problems are so bad that they can't be fixed, then the piece can be broken up and the pieces used in other projects. Whatever happens, no glass ever goes to waste. It's expensive and if it can be re-used then it will be.

I also have another avenue when it comes to seconds - my Mum. She has always loved glass and has a 'glass tree', and is always happy to take any glass pieces off of my hands. I have also made her some special decorations, so it's not all rejects. I actually think it looks really pretty.

If anyone is interested in buying a similar tree, then we got this one at Hobbycraft. It's great for hanging my glass decorations on all year round. (I'm not affiliated with Hobbycraft in any way!). You could also use them in place of a Christmas tree or to hang other decorations on too. I am rather fancying making it into a Halloween tree this year which could look cool - I'll keep you posted.

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